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With over 3500 clients globally and growing, Rent Centric is an industry leader in innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Open Letter From Rent Centric CTO:

Thank you for visiting Rent

My Name is Alex, Chief Technology Officer at Rent Centric. I would like to make a few comments regarding our purpose of business, our philosophy and the main elements that have made us successful, and our customers successful, over our ten plus years of service operation in the vehicle rental and mobility industry. 

We began developing vehicle rental systems for the general market back in the late 90’s, simply because we identified a strong value role we could play. We saw that there was an overall low level of customer satisfaction and technology ability, reliability and creativity etc. being demonstrated by the existing technology vendors of the time and our background was already in building sophisticated browser-based management systems for fortune 500 organizations including the top level vehicle rental providers, that we all know their names commonly. We were building web-based On-Demand solutions before anyone else in the industry and we have expanded that to now deliver seamless Cloud Computing access, whereby any online device with any form of browser, including Safari for Apple Mac, are able to access the various interfaces of this complete platform.

Our system’s platform design and corporate structure brings together the best possible combination of all elements, so that a client operation starting with as little as a single vehicle setup is able to have, right from the get-go, the same sophisticated tools as the large players, to facilitate quick growth and becoming a full-blown franchise in short order. Rent Centric is essentially a Franchise building system.

Some aspects unique to Rent Centric are that each customer holds on our servers their own separate Database, Application Layer, Front End Interface, Memory Allocation and CPU Splice. From a security perspective there is no possibility of information seepage from one customer profile to the next, (a common security-gap experience from the other providers running on shared database platforms); security is par-none, no less than the level of banking management system security.

This proprietary design also means that Rent Centric is completely open to individualized customization, providing each customer with a seamless tailored fit of a system for unique requirements, cost effectively with little worry on how each change would affect other client systems.

The network through which our service is deliver is no less than via Rack Space. Rack space is a multi-billion dollar organization, traded on the stock exchange, known to be at the top of the network delivery business. With Rent Centric, there is absolutely no compromise for delivering reliable service.

Today, we enjoy servicing large-scale satisfied customers such as General Motors, providing them with fleet management automation for thousands of vehicles and as far away as Australia. Many known brand rental operations also use Rent Centric Rental Management, including: Harley Davidson, Hertz, Avis, Dollar Rent a Car, Discount, Mercedes Benz. Also, many independent providers utilize our service as well.

It’s my experience that the businesses that identify the greatest value are the operations, with a vision, active management and are hungry for growth. They are the ones who delve into the full capability of the system and allow it to be their virtual presence online working 24/7 on their behalf, servicing their customers and distribution channels in real-time.

From a Human Resources perspective, we bring the best value elements to the table. Our organization is built as a near-shore off-shore hybrid setup; Support, Sales and Business Development services are all offered from North America while back-office development takes place from our offices in Cairo. The result is that Rent Centric delivers strong local know-how via a system that encompasses the minutest of functionality details for back-office management, sales rental automation, distribution channel management etc... Tailoring customization is a service we offer readily, cost-consciously. For our customers, this is the best of all worlds - A tried and tested stable platform with a tailored fit.

As you begin to watch the movie presentations in our Demo Center, you will undoubtedly conclude that Rent Centric offers the best value proposition: the most extensive, most capable, most easy to use sales and back-office car, motorcycle, RV, and limousine rental automation system on the market today, in extremely cost-effective manner.

Rent Centric prides itself for gaining a branded industry reputation of being Trustworthy, Capable, Available to serve immediately, whenever needed and for structuring a very cost conscious operation and therefore cost-conscious pricing for Start-up Business to Enterprise Franchise - The ideal automation solution and support structure for your rental management vision for today and future.

Kind Regards,

Alex Aryafar

Rent Centric CTO