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Contactless Technologies

82% of Customers Expect Contactless Experience. Latest data shows customers want contactless experiences to continue when the pandemic is over. With Rent Centric contactless technologies, you will be able to provide a fully automated and digital experience for your client.

Key Features

  • Collect Personal Information
  • Digital Initials and Signature
  • Payment online via Credit Card
  • Secure Encrypted Interface
  • Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Request Renter Information

  • Collect Primary & Additional Driver Info
  • Real-time Driver’s license verification (Third Party - $2.15 per check)
  • License Front/Back Scanning with Selfie
  • Data Extraction
  • SMS Cell Number Verification
  • Upload Driver’s License Info and Pictures
  • Upload Insurance Info and Pictures
  • Add/Update Credit Card Information



Request Initials & Signature

Email Client secure login link for:

  • Digital Initials & Signatures on Rental Agreements & Terms
  • Store Signed Agreements with date/time stamp
  • Email clients copy of the Rental Agreement



Request Online Payment

  • Collect Online Payments for Reservations and Rentals
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing
  • Display Real-time Balance Update





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