Where Carsharing Meets Ride Hailing

Carsharing for Ride Hailing

Car rental is growing — in nontraditional sectors. Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber, Lyft, and Postmates need drivers, and many of those drivers don’t own cars or choose not to use their cars in a commercial application.

This is especially true in and around large cities such as New York, where parking is expensive and the proliferation of public transit makes car ownership less attractive. As a result, a growing group of entrepreneurs — not from the traditional car rental world — have stepped in to rent vehicles to TNC drivers.

Rent Centric’s carshare technology, which controls the app, vehicle hardware, and rental process is ideal from a cost and access standpoint for those who drive on an hourly basis and those who drive up to 50 hours a week. When renting from the traditional car rental agency, a driver is paying for the car even when he/she is asleep, while with Rent Centric's platform, renters save money by only renting for the hours they want to work.

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