Mobility Options for Client's Lifestyles

Vehicle Subscription Model

Rent Centric Vehicle Subscription is another of the company’s automated administration offerings.
The objective with this model is to deliver additional options that are closer to drivers’ lifestyle desires, in turn improving service provider profitability and brand awareness.



  • Convenience. Let your clients set up the subscription online and manage it via a smartphone app. 
  • Flexibility. Your clients can change cars more frequently than with leasing or buying.
  • Cost savings for your clients. There are no down payments or financing charges.
  • No negotiating. The fees are set.


Rent Centric Vehicle Subscription automation can be used to implement rental plans ranging from one-price all-inclusive short-term lease/long term rental plans, on the simpler business model side, to more complex plans where a subscriber, based on their subscription tier, is able to reserve from a select group of vehicles with automated rules and stipulations built-in, as well as flexible option fee structures in place.

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