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Long Term Rental

With a standard rental transaction, each agreement is closed upon vehicle check-in. This is mostly not the case with long term rental operations, which amongst other differences, requires automated billing functionality to generate periodic invoices and communicate with the management system.


Invoicing Automation

  • Recurrent Invoicing, Manually or Automated
  • Setup Nightly Invoicing Schedules
  • Process Credit Cards on Specific Invoices
  • Automatically Email Invoices
  • Notify Admin on Declined Charges
  • Flexible Rental Cycles, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly


Integrated with GPS Tracking (Optional)

  • Auto disable vehicles after x number of declined payments
  • Auto enable vehicles After successful online payment
  • Track, disable vehicle inside Rent Centric from one system




Branded Invoice Templates

  • Customize Invoice Details
  • Brand your invoices with your logo and legal wording
  • Email or Print Invoices



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