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Rent Centric Web Hooks

Rent Centric Webhook is an HTTPS post, triggered by an event such as adding a customer or reservation in Rent Centric system and sent to a your destination system, with a secure API call. Rent Centric Webhooks are fully automated, in other words they are automatically sent out when any of the following events happens in Rent Centric.

  • Add/Edit Customers
  • Add/Edit Reservations
  • Add/Edit Rentals
  • Add/Edit/End Vehicles
  • Add/Edit Vehicles
  • Add Payments/Invoices  


Key Features

  • Real-time Data Transfer to external systems
  • Fully Customizable Data Points
  • Works with Any EndPoint
  • Authentication Enabled
  • Secure via SSL
  • Connect to CRM, Email list (Zoho, Mailchimp etc)


Rent Centric Simple Web Hooks Setup


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