.NET Technology

Rent Centric, Inc. designed and developed Rent Centric, as a scalable/flexible n-tier software system based on standard Microsoft protocols and the .NET Framework version 4.5. The structure is composed of three major layers for easy manipulation and concise development. This 3-tier application uses a server model, serving web browser clients. Each part has been constructed concurrently for different functional purposes. This model is recognized as being ideal for enterprise deployment, due to the programming flexibility that it affords. From a programmer's perspective: existing applications or critical code can be permanently or temporarily customized or modified within the components and as new functionalities are being created, allowing the application to evolve for meeting new business opportunity needs.

User interface
The User Interface is developed in ASP.NET 4.5 and therefore provides a browser based user interface (GUI). For being able to serve these dynamic web pages, Rent Centric utilizes standard .NET Microsoft web server software from the Windows 2012 R2 Server family.

Business Application
Rent Centric's Business logic layer runs directly from a server, to perform rental management processes. This layer utilizes a Business Object Architecture Model for ensuring accuracy of rules implementation.

Rent Centric's database engines can be one of several flavours of Microsoft SQL Server, including SQL 2014. SQL Server 2014 for instance has demonstrated its reliability in providing the underlying processor query capability for global web-based enterprise such as Barnes & Nobel and Amazon.com.