Why Rent Centric


Rent Centric’s on-demand self-serve rental management software and technology is an always-accessible vehicle reservation system, allowing your customers to commit their loyalty and for you to further entrench in your mobility market. With Rent Centric, taking rental reservations is no longer limited to telephone and walk-in traffic – it’s live in the cloud and affords your rental business greater flexibility, scalability and freedom than ever before.


With Rent Centric on-demand service, you can easily increase your car rental revenue, expand your regional market share and grow wherever your target market is. Our product will help you broaden your customer base, while making your rental experience smooth and easy.

From its inception, Rent Centric has adopted the widest scope for its management system by expanding beyond the traditional areas of car rental software such as cost-reducing operations management features, channel distribution management and online sale of additional rental products and services.



In addition to its wide scope, Rent Centric can be extended further in online marketing and lead generation through integration with partner and distributor platforms. 




In Rent Centric’s cloud-based on-demand self-serve ecosystem, your business possesses a greater ability to multiply the number of service locations available to customers without the increased costs associated with large traditional retail outlets.



From comprehensive online reservation capabilities to sales tracking, high-traffic portal reservation and targeted digital marketing; Rent Centric’s methodology enables you with a complete back office management system accessible from anywhere.



Our commitment to vehicle rental industry is to provide the most advanced management automation for the lowest possible cost. For more information on our pricing and to get an exact quote for your business, please use our Pricing Calculator.


Custom Development Services

In addition to providing a product with an industry leading feature-list, Rent Centric also prides itself on providing custom development services to enable our clients to incorporate additional features of any magnitude. At our Rent Centric Customer Support Zone, clients can submit ticket requests and track their progress as it happens.



Secure Payment Processing

Online credit card payments can be risky if not properly secured. At Rent Centric, we provide secure credit card processing without the need for POS terminal. All customer info and transaction details remain secure within Rent Centric’s management portal, making tracking easier and safer for all.


Driver’s License Verification

Every year, the use of fraudulent and suspended driver’s licenses costs the auto rental industry millions of dollars in theft, damages, lost revenue, liability and litigation. Rent Centric provides real-time driver’s license verification so that you are always protected.


Corporate Fleet Management

Governments, academic institutions and corporations face a variety of unique challenges managing their own vehicle fleets. Rent Centric offers additional functionality to cater to these clientele including: handling reservation complexities, managing vehicle inventory requirements, managing members and keeping track of internal billing details.


Affiliate & Agency Login

Rent Centric allows your affiliates and business partners such as hotel concierge or local body shop owners to login to a separate portal to manage their rates and and create real-time reservations. The affiliate is also able to keep track of the customers serviced through them and the calculations of their commissions and up-sell margins. Our advanced system allows to you to effectively track your sources and manage targeted incentives such as commissions pay-back.