Rent Centric cares about your customers

On-Demand Car Rental Software

Rent Centric On-Demand offers the advanced tools to manage your vehicle rental operation. It is a complete solution for managing your vehicles, customers, employees and revenue.



Advanced Fleet Management

Proper fleet management can be listed as one of the most overwhelming tasks for keeping a vehicle rental operation running smoothly and efficiently.
With the extent of the vehicle tracking, maintenance and history record collecting, financial management and fleet reporting features we offer, you can be assured that Rent Centric car rental software will take care of every aspect of your business, keeping your job fun and relaxing.



Improve Customer Service

You will appreciate how our team, with the advantage of our user-friendly system, will satisfy your requirements without hassle. With Rent Centric you'll be able to open and close a contract in under one minute, share your client information across your organization and quickly access their individual profiles, identify, their importance degree to your business and any other fine details to help you strengthen the relationship bonds.


  • Process Credit Card in Real-time

  • Swipe Driver's License and Credit Card

  • Save up to 4 Credit Cards Per Customer

  • Scan/Upload License and Passport

  • Save Unlimited Notes and Activity

  • View Client History and Past Rentals

  • Send Promotional Email Marketing

With Rent Centric, customer service is made easy.



Internet Reservations From Your Website

Start booking reservations quickly by phone, fax, email, from walk-in customers or online directly from the Rent Centric WordPress integrated reservation site.
Car rental operators can now take full advantage of the growing trend of customers reserving vehicles online, whilst being able to save on having to pay for third party reservation services that take web bookings. Rent Centric does this by a comprehensive real-time WordPress integrated reservation system which can be run on your existing website.



Apple Watch Self-Serv Integration

Rent Centric's All New Self-Service Apple Watch Integration

Rent Centric is proud to be the first to offer Apple Watch integration into self-service car rental enterprise. The Apple Watch app allows the customer to access virtually all of their functionality from the mobile app. The customer can locate their rental vehicle in proximity to themselves, lock and unlock their vehicle and monitor fuel levels -- all in real time, all from the Apple watch. This provides both the renter and agency with increased vehicle monitoring capabilities. For more information on the Apple Watch integration, please contact info@rentcentric.com


Comprehensive Rental Agreements

Using the right rental agreement is crucial. It reflects both your business' service intent and the renter's legal obligations. It means your peace of mind.

Standard Agreements:
At setup, the Rent Centric system provides you a selection of pre-designed rental contracts as a standard part of the service. You are able to choose whichever is appropriate for your specific business and instantly begin to generate agreements. All contracts are fully compatible with any printer being used at any of your computers.

Custom Agreements By Rent Centric Developers:
If by chance you have a specific contract requirement that is outside of what has already been created, we are able to deliver customized rental agreements and invoices to meet your need. In fact, we can provide you the exact same rental agreement you have been using prior to using Rent Centric automation, generated directly from the system.

Custom Agreements By Built-in Agreement Editor:
If by chance you have a specific contract requirement that is outside of what has already been created, with some design knowledge you can simply create and customize rental agreements and invoices with an easy to use built-in editor in Rent Centric to meet your need. Our editor makes it easy for future text or layout changes.



Insurance Replacement & Split Billing

Rent Centric will provide you with comprehensive automated split-billing functionalities, between one or multiple parties, simplifying the process of revenue collection for insurance replacement clients or for corporate accounts alike.

Split billing features allow you to easily manage your costs and divide invoicing between two or more entities, accurately and easily.
We realize that the quote process is an area of great consequence for any vehicle rental operation.
You want to be able to provide your potential customers (walk-in, telephone, or internet clients) quick and accurate responses to their pricing and availability questions - Rent Centric will afford you just that.

Without stress, you will be confident to know that with each inquiry incident you and your employees can provide accurate information instantly. From the time you subscribe, Rent Centric will make a big difference in increasing your team's productivity and improving the quality of your customer care.
It is important to realize that in our efforts to make all things simple, the quote system automatically feeds information into and receives data from other areas of Rent Centric such as the split-billing feature section.



Advanced Reporting Tools

And your feelings of chaos are now completely gone.

You will no longer have to work through pages of information or screens of data to get at those numbers you need to run your business.
Rent Centric is a logical-layout comprehensive reporting tool with both summary and detailed breakdowns for every aspect of your rental operation.
Time, mileage, tax, insurance, bills, invoices, payments, employee performance and vehicle return on investment, accounts receivable, DBRs etc., and how they relate to each other by car, by location etc., are just a few of the many easy-to-access, easy-to-understand reporting options available.
Finally, you will be able to readily incorporate this information into virtually any accounting package, so that you can include it into the overall accounting calculations of your operation.