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Corporate Fleet Management

Governments, Universities and Corporations face a unique set of management challenges related to managing their own vehicle fleets: handling reservation complexities, managing vehicle inventory requirements, managing members, keeping track of internal billing details etc.

Rent Centric is also a member-based administrative system, allowing the different levels of authorization to interface with the system for greater opportunity of self-service and administrative efficiency.

Franchise Management with Multi-Location Ownership Association, Multi-Currency, Multi-Time Zone and Multi-Language

With Rent Centric On-Demand., it is possible for a single system rollout to deliver an umbrella automation system for an entire franchise or association, whilst keeping the differentiating issues for each of those locations intact.

Franchisees deploying Rent Centric are able to present a unified profile to their client base, servicing their customers as one cohesive unit, such as a common online reservations point, with possible one-way rental options, possibly for an extra fee. Yet at the same time, each owner of each franchise operation(s) is able to manage his business separately, even if that person owns multiple locations within the franchise structure. Locations are capable of being managed separately under the authorization of that individual. Each location is able to have its own credit card processor account, currency type, time zone, multi Date / Time format and differing language profiles for each employee.

Here again, Rent Centric On-Demands advanced technology framework and architecture demonstrates how it is able to deliver specifically tailored automations for niche market problems.


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