Take Advantage of the New Sharing Economy


Classic Car Share

Classic car sharing is similar to ZipCar where clients can simply make a reservation for a specific vehicle and pickup and drop off the vehicle back in the same location. This model is perfect for clients who require few hours of rental to do shopping or to run errands.


Free Floating - Car2Go model

Free floating car sharing allows users to take and leave vehicles at any point within the city limits or zone and parking specified by the company. Therefore opposed to classic car-sharing, there is no fixed parking and in particular one-way trips of any length are possible without a booking requirement. By reaching a greater share of citizens than classic car share, the results show that free-floating car-sharing model could contribute to reducing private vehicle ownership in cities.


Peer-to-Peer - P2P

Peer-to-peer car sharing is a form of person-to-person lending or joint usage. The business model is closely aligned to classic car sharing models such as Zipcar, but replaces a typical fleet with a ‘virtual’ fleet made up of vehicles from joining owners. With peer-to-peer car sharing, car owners are able to make money by renting out their vehicle when they are not using it. Renters can access nearby and affordable vehicles and pay only for the time they need to use them. To implement this model you will need to apply some form of verifications of members (both owners and renters) and with Rent Centric you can bring these parties together, manage rental bookings and collects payment. Rent Centric will completely take care of listing and renting of vehicles with automated PCI compliant payment processing system.


Provide 24/7 Self Service Car Rental

With Rent Centric Software and Hardware package you can empower your clients by providing them easy access to vehicles and offer self service daily and hourly rental experience. Clients can use their Mobile App or Smart Card to lock and unlock cars and enjoy 24/7 self-service rentals. Without investing in new “brick and mortar” locations you can expand your operation with minimal investment across the city, by strategically placing your cars in key parking locations. Rent Centric offers a fully automated self service rental, billing, and fleet management solution.


Condo Car-Sharing

Real estate developers are finding new legal opportunities to capitalize on their condo development projects, building more units on less land by incorporating car-sharing into their building amenities. We are witnessing a great trend in condo development; the reduction and replacement of parking spaces with car-sharing is providing added value for condo owners, increased revenue and increased number of buildable units for condo developers. 


Hardware package includes:

Central GPS Unit
Data Cable
Wiring and OBDII Harness
Immobilizing relay
Relay Housing
Optional SIM Card
Mobile Web App
Installation Guide


For car share hardware installation we recommend Car Alarm Installer Companies. Car Share hardware only requires to activate lock, unlock and vehicle starter with three simple wires.

Software Package includes:

Online reservation system
Client's online account management
Mobile application
Vehicle rental management system
Membership management
Automated Billing System and Invoicing
Comprehensive Fleet management and tracking
Mobile App for iPhone and Android


Apple Watch Self-Serve Integration


Rent Centric is proud to be the first to offer Apple Watch integration into self-service car rental enterprise. The Apple Watch app allows the customer to access virtually all of their functionality from the mobile app. The customer can locate their rental vehicle in proximity to themselves, lock and unlock their vehicle and monitor fuel levels -- all in real time, all from the Apple watch. This provides both the renter and agency with increased vehicle monitoring capabilities. For more information on the Apple Watch integration, please contact info@rentcentric.com




Client Membership

Your clients can easily signup online for a membership. Memberships can be individual or corporate accounts with multiple rate options set by a system administrator. Clients are required to enter personal information via our secure servers to sign up. Once you have approved and enabled the client account, the client can use the web or mobile app to access the vehicle. The applications will be coordinated with your fleet so as to allow customers to view nearby available vehicles, use them to unlock their corresponding vehicles and monitor important vehicle and rental information. The apps can also be personalized with your company’s branding and logo.



Online Booking

Members can open their mobile app, login to their account and reserve vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by viewing the real-time location of the vehicle and availability calendar. Reservations can be made just minutes before-hand to a year in advance.  Only members under the reservation can unlock the vehicle using their mobile app and mobilize the vehicle for driving. Once the client ends the rental, the vehicle is ready for the next reservation.



Automated Billing

Membership fee

Usage fee

Extra fees

For carshare members, you have the option of running an automated monthly, quarterly or annual billing. This will automatically charge the member for their monthly membership, vehicle usage fees and any additional amounts related to damages or late fees. Furthermore, you will be able sign up with the hundreds of credit card processing companies Rent Centric has integrated with in order to process credit cards in real-time.



Real-time tracking

Through Rent Centric’s real-time GPS tracking system, you will be able monitor every aspect of your vehicle such as location, fuel, odometer, sudden usage of brakes or acceleration, as well as its status regarding any accidents or towing. The entire monitoring process can be done directly through Rent Centric software or alternative GPS tracking software provided by Rent Centric.



Tracking & Alerts

Through the system, you can create alerts for when your vehicle enters select geographical locations; anything from entering toll roads to leaving state boundaries. You can also set parameters for your vehicles and effectively create a Geo Fence for where the vehicle can go. The areas these Geo Fences cover are completely customizable, allowing you to dictate barriers as small as the downtown area of a city or as large as an entire state or country.