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Revenue Generating GPS Tracking

Real-time tracking 

Through Rent Centric’s real-time GPS tracking system, you will be able monitor every aspect of your vehicle such as location, fuel, odometer, sudden usage of brakes and acceleration, as well as its status regarding any accidents or towing. The entire monitoring process can be done directly through Rent Centric software or alternative GPS tracking software provided by Rent Centric.

Rent Centric GPS Features

• Locate, Track and Pinpoint
• Setup Schedulers
• Mobile Access
• Safe Stop
• Fleet Management
• Out of State Charges
• Rent Centric Integrated


RC-200 is a compact device for tracking and locating your fleet. It offers quick installation and turnaround time. 


RC-380 offers all above feature that comes with RC-200 and also provides advanced security features such as:
• Safe stop system
• Engine Fault Reporting
• Real-time Fuel & Odometer

Rent Centric GPS Portal


Locate, Track and Pinpoint

Rent Centric’s advanced reporting offers comprehensive tools for monitoring your fleet. With it, you are able to instantly locate, track, and pinpoint single or multiple vehicles in real-time. You can view the speed and movement of the vehicles and the paths they have taken with a single click.


Setup Scheduler

Schedule alerts, triggers, immobilization and many more actions once or multiple times throughout the day with the GPS portal scheduler feature. This allows you to be notified or have control over the vehicle and its activities so as to incorporate it efficiently into your company’s overall schedule.


Mobile Access

Our Mobile Access platform allows you to control your fleet in a number of ways, including Access, Locate, Immobilize and Enable commands simply from your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or any other mobile device. Whether you have stepped out of your office, or are on the road you will be able to connect to the Rent Centric GPS Portal at all times, and remotely manage your entire business with a click of a button on your mobile device.



The Immobilization feature gives you the ability to shut down and disallow further use of your vehicle once parked. This is done by temporarily cutting the gas flow to the engine, forcing the vehicle to be stationary until you allow its movement again. The Immobilization command can be disengaged when registered customers uses their HID car on the card reader. This will prevent thieves from taking your car at your expense. The Immobilization command can also be engaged remotely, prohibiting a dangerous customers its continued use.


Safe Stop

What happens when one of your customers leaves the Geo fencing, or is even performing dangerous manoeuvres in your car; racing down the highway in break-neck speeds? With the Safe Stop feature, you can slowly cut the fuel to your vehicle over a set period of time (such as half an hour), forcing the car to an eventual halt. During this time the vehicle will act up as if it’s about to break down and the driver will be forced to pull over. Once the fuel is completely cut, the vehicle will automatically go into immobilization mode until you go and recover your vehicle.


Geo fences

Geo fences allow you to fence off a specific location, site, landmark or state. The device then notifies you in real-time whenever the vehicle has passed these fences. Activity around a Geo fence will always create a notification via email or SMS indicating that this zone has either been entered or exited. By breaching your pre-set Geo fences you can automatically apply out of state charges to the client‘s active rental agreements.


Rent Centric Integrated

With direct integration into Rent Centric you are no longer required to login to two systems. All functionalities of the vehicle monitoring and tracking systems can be accessed directly from the Rent Centric system. Alternatively you can link your Rent Centric account into the GPS Portal and login directly to the portal.


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