Car Rental and Car-Sharing Websites With A Sleek, Built-In Reservation System

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What is it?

Launching a successful car rental business can be a daunting task. Putting together a fleet, installing telematics technology, staffing your businesses, maintaining good customer service, maintaining your website and much more are all tasks best left to the experts. Our mission at Rent Centric is to automate and create as many efficiencies as possible for your business so you can focus on what matters. Our latest effort to make your rental business work more smoothly is a series of specially designed WordPress themes, with our brand new, mobile responsive rental reservation interface built right in. You can skip the constant web development costs and headaches that come with it. All you have to do is fill out a simple form with your brand assets, company information and we’ll do the rest. Once you’re set up with your Rent Centric system, you can easily manage your fleet, make updates to your pricing, options and more and it will all be instantly reflected on your custom Rent Centric website! 

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WordPress Websites With A Sleek, Built-In Reservation System.

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