Rent Centric Paperless Counter App

With Rent Centric Paperless Counter app you can:

  • Replace Signature Pads with an App
  • Display ads While Renters Wait
  • Allows Renters Information Input
  • Display Rental Agreement
  • Digital Signature and Initials
  • Email Digital Agreements
  • Setup Terms for Initials with Accept/Decline lines


Paperless Counter App



Advertise to Clients

  • Display High-Res Ads
  • Control the Transition timer
  • Setup the Ad Order



Real-time Charges Summary

  • Allow Renters to See What you See
  • Offer Vehicle Upgrades
  • Upsell Add-ons


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We can provide additional application customization to suit your needs. For technical support inquiries please email us at, visit our ZenDesk Support Zone or call us at 416-250-1519 Ext 2.