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About Alex Aryafar, CTO @ Rent Centric

Alex is the Co-Founder of Rent Centric and is the architect of the Rent Centric’s industry leading technology and system. He has over twenty years of experience in building car rental management solution.

What others are saying about Rent Centric


Access Rent A Car

"I've been using Rent Centric for 2 years now and couldn't be more happy. It's easy to use with lot of features. It is well synchronized with online booking and it gives you a lot of space to be competitve on the market. I'm one happy costumer and i will continue using them for long term.


Jim Bernard Chevrolet

It's simple enough to use for my small fleet, but also allows us to offer full daily retals. And uts a good value.

As a GM dealer we were looking for an easy to use and affordable solution to manage our courtesy transportation fleet and RentCentric fits the bill perfectly.


Trebored Auto Sales

Rent Centric is easy to use, user frindly and a great system to use if you have multiple locations.

Great product adn an affordable price. This system works great for the small business owner and allows for him/her to complete with major rental car organizations.